Workshop: Introduction to Docker Oct 24, 2018

On the past 24th October, the Computer Society chapter organized a workshop introducing the well known containerization software, Docker! This workshop was prepared and presented by João Mota with the help of João Cabral. Altough it’s very popular, not many know what’s the purpose of Docker and why it’s so cool. The workshop intended to answer these questions and help people get started.

A big slice of the audience was students, more precisely informatic students as expected. However, we were surprised with the presence of several employees from HostelWorld. It’s interesting and good to see people from outside the FEUP’s campus coming to our workshops!

The workshop was focused in introducing Docker to the audience. There was some theoretical exposure to introduce key concepts and then the participants had to follow a guide with exercises with the help of João Mota and João Cabral, following a learn by doing approach.

The event lasted about 3 hours and participants seemed satisfied with the event which matched their expectation and provided the basic knowledge for using the tool.

Docker workshop event photo Docker workshop event photo