NuIEEE Camp 2.0 Feb 3, 2018

This activity was created in order to promote a better understanding, appreciation and overall relationship between the various IEEE UP SB members. It lasted two days.

For this purpose topics such as teamwork, communication, leadership, trust, confidence, morale and respect were addressed and stressed as to develop these characteristics amongst the twelve participants. The activities were organized and supervised by Gonçalo Carito and Catarina Rodrigues, and were the following:

  • Saturday Morning: Self-Reflection - Core Values, Name and Interests Design
  • Saturday Afternoon: Team Building - Activities around Coimbra
  • Sunday Morning: Group Dynamics - Activities in the Hostel
  • Sunday Afternoon: Trust - Blindfold Activities in Coimbra’s Botanic Garden

NuIEEE Camp 2.0 photo