Workshop: Introduction to Docker Posted on

On the past 24th October, the Computer Society chapter organized a workshop introducing the well known containerization software, Docker! This workshop was prepared and presented by João Mota with the help of João Cabral. Altough it’s very popular, not many know what’s the purpose of Docker and why it’s so cool. The workshop intended to answer these questions and help people get started.

Google Hashcode Posted on

With this event we hosted a local Hub for the Hash Code’s 2018 Qualification Round. This was made as a partnership between us, a local Informatics student group (NIAEFEUP) and a nearby IEEE Student Branch (IEEEinISEP).

Latex Workshop Posted on

This LaTeX workshop had the duration of 2 hours. During these two hours, Afonso Ramos, Filipe Moreira, João Mota and Inês Trigo taught the twenty six participants about the basics of the LaTeX, such as its characteristics and syntax.

NuIEEE Camp 2.0 Posted on

This activity was created in order to promote a better understanding, appreciation and overall relationship between the various IEEE UP SB members. It lasted two days.

Latex Workshop Posted on

On the 16th of December, we organized a highly anticipated workshop about Latex, which had the participation of various masters students that wanted to complemente their knowledge with this powerful publishing tool.

Christmas Dinner Posted on

On the 15th of december 2016, the IEEE UP Student Branch hosted a Christmas dinner for its members, as a way to relax from all the hard work we had throughout the semester and also to strengthen relations between members.

IEEE Talks - IoT Posted on

On the 7th of december of 2016, three companies, Veniam, Next Bitt and Compta, joined our IEEE Talks, moderated by our member João Cacho, to address the nex big thing: The Internet of Things.

Field Trip to CTT Posted on

On the 6th of december, during the visit to the Maia CTT distribution station, the participants got to know the reception and mail delivery policy of our country much better. It was well-credited that the whole process is very automated for greater efficiency, but the human hand is still needed to check for some one-off errors.

Python Workshop Posted on

The introduction to Python workshop that took place on the 30th of November, organized and taught by João Mota with the assistance of Diogo Silva, served as a mostly hand-on introduction to the widely used programming language.

Java Workshop Posted on

The Introduction to Java workshop that took place on the 16th of November, organized and taught by João Mota with the assistance of Filipe Moreira and Ricardo Cerqueira, served as an introduction to the abundantly used programming language.

IEEEXtreme 10.0 Posted on

The IEEEXtreme, a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members, advised and proctored by an IEEE member, competed in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.

Code Week Posted on

From the 15th to the 22nd of October, the IEEE UP Student Branch was responsible for organizing many events, held at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering), as a way to promote student cooperation and involvement in what the university as to offer, the development of soft and hard skills to those interested and of course invest in the recognition and awareness of the IEEE as a whole.

IEEE Day Posted on

On October 4th, the IEEE Day was celebrated once again throughout the world, and the student community at the University of Porto was also part of this global event.