IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
Student Branch Chapter University of Porto

The IEEE is getting bigger by the day as an institution. With several chapters, the IEEE currently covers designers, doctors, scientists, physicists, etc. EMBS is an IEEE chapter whose main task is to develop engineering skills applied to medicine and biology. The group has several focus areas such as analysis and medical imaging systems and biomedical sensors, neuroengineering, biorobotics, therapeutic systems and technology, among others.

Last 24 November 2015, was the official formation of the first Student Chapter of the IEEE Student Branch at the University of Porto: the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Student Chapter of the University of Porto (IEEE UP SB EMBS Chapter). Thus, in order to enrich the academic experience, this chapter proposes to: develop small projects supported by the chapter either financially or with know-how, organize workshops and competitions, bring to the University speakers of the area, participate in national and international conferences for networking and submitting projects.

The EMBS SB Chapter UP was born by initiative of Aurélio Campilho, Professor at FEUP. Most of the members are students from the Masters in Bioengineering course of FEUP. This group is an asset which calls attention to the work that is being developed in Portugal and around the world, especially in the field of Biomedical Engineering.